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Not Under Law

Not Under Law The law is an unbearable yoke. (Ac 15:10) Romans The law reveals sin but cannot fix it. (Ro 3:20) If the law worked then faith would be irrelevant. (Ro 4:14) The law brings wrath upon those who follow it. (Ro 4:15) The purpose of the law was to increase sin. (Ro 5:20) […]

Who Is Praying?

The true content of prayer is not expressed in what is said, whence, among other things, the great mistake of analyzing prayer on the basis of the apparent content of the discourse, and the distinction between the prayer of petition, of praise, of intercession, etc. That sort of thing can be useful from the pedagogical […]


The Holy Spirit teaches both by revelation and experience. The revelation can be instant and direct, without being transmitted by any formal “teaching.” We say, “Oh, I see.” The Spirit then uses seen and temporal experiences to work that revelation into us. The revelation gets established in us through personal experience. Some people have a […]

Inability to Unify/Only One Center

Inability to Unify One might think that, with the Bible as the center of Christianity, the unity of Christians could be easily realized. But unfortunately this has not proved true, though we can consider it fortunate indeed that, as this inability to unify proves, the letter of the Bible cannot really replace the living Christ […]

The Signature of All Things

The whole outward, visible world with all its being is a signature, or figure of the inward spiritual world; whatever is internally, and however its operation is, so likewise it has its character externally; like as the spirit of each creature sets forth and manifests the internal form of its birth by its body, so […]

Walking in the Light

When it dawns on you that you truly are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that He lives and walks in you, you begin to see all life from God’s point of view. You are no longer hung up on good and evil as absolutes. You begin to see that the human situation, or […]