The Marriage Union

A paraphrase of Psalm 45 by Jim Parker:

Lord God You have appointed Your Son Jesus as Sovereign, and anointed His head with the oil of joy, ordaining Him as King and establishing His Kingdom. He’s a King whose lips are anointed with grace, a monarch who God has blessed forever.

You are a Messiah called mighty, with the sword of the Spirit at Your side, that declares Your glory and majesty. A majesty that will prosper and flourish in truth, humility and righteousness. The throne of Your power from where You oversee Your Kingdom will be endless. Your reign will be eternal.

The symbol of Your authority is the sceptre of righteousness, a symbol which declares that Your sovereignty is founded and grounded in righteousness.

A righteousness that You love to the extreme. You are adorned and anointed with gladness. Even Your garments are scented with righteousness.

Your covering announces Your purity and declares aloud Your Holiness. You are surrounded by those who honour You.

And at Your right hand is Your bride, Your Queen clothed with the divine, reflecting Your beauty, with the covering of the finest gold that pronounces Her purity.

Listen beautiful bride let your eyes be fixed upon Your Sovereign Lord, have eyes alone for Your King. Because His gaze is exclusive, He looks upon your beauty and desires only you His bride and Queen.

Be devoted to Your King for He loves you completely. You O royal daughter gifted beyond measure. Your appearance gives honour to your King, whose glory shines throughout the courts of heaven.

As you enter the magnificence of heaven, adorned with robes of gold that shimmer with many colours, the halls of the Kings house are filled with rejoicing, with delight and happiness.

The royal household is astounded at your beauty, astonished at your loveliness.

Because Your king adores you, you will be renowned and celebrated throughout eternity.

Esteemed forever because of your God, whose name is Love, because of your King whose name is Peace, because of the Spirit of Liberty lives within you.

You the bride, whose honour, is at the right hand of the King of Glory, will share in all that He has and in all that He is, for you are one in Him.

In the Realm of God together; as one united eternally, in the Kingdom without end.


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