If I Make My Bed in Hell, Thou Art There

The heart of the stabilizing revelation to me and what has become the total answer to all life for me has been that there is only One Person in the universe, and that the whole universe is His myriad forms of Self-manifestation. Of course I am immediately dubbed a pantheist and am often asked if I am. Those who ask that either don’t understand what a pantheist is or don’t understand what I’m saying about my own beliefs. A pantheist, according to its Greek derivation, means that everything is God. I am saying that everything is a form by which He manifests Himself, much as my body is not exactly I, but an outward form of the inner me.

This fact, confirmed through the foundations in Scripture, has given me my anchor. It has moved me on from my separated concepts, and this I think is the weakness of evangelical teaching, of a God apart from His creation “making” His creation, much as a carpenter appears to be apart from the table he makes. He as the author of the universe is the inner life of it. He “fills heaven and earth,” therefore, is within them. He is to be finally revealed as what He really is–All in all, which leaves nothing but Himself. The beyond in the midst, the Transcendent[1] in the Immanent[2].

Taken from Once Caught, No Escape by Norman Grubb.

[1] Transcendent: The quality of excelling; possessing good qualities in high degree. An outstanding feature; something in which something or someone excels. Beyond normal or physical human experience. (Of God) existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe. Often contrasted with immanent.

[2] Immanent: Existing or operating within. Of qualities that are spread throughout something. (Of God) permanently pervading the universe. E.g. we think of God as immanent in nature.


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