Running from God

Running from God is a learned behaviour. As we get older our understanding of God is altered from a God who is present with us, pursuing us, to a God who is distant; a God who only shows up on Sunday mornings at church. Instead of a God who is running after us, trying to get our attention, we begin to run after God, trying to get God’s attention.

Psalm 139 is pretty clear. We don’t need to run after God’s attention; we already have it. In verse 7 David laments:

Where can I go from your Spirit?

Where can I flee from you presence?

God is present with us. But God is more than present with us, He KNOWS us. He doesn’t follow alongside of us, He follows inside of us. We don’t have to attend church to find God. We don’t have to make sure our life is clear of any sin to find God. God has found us regardless of our situation, regardless of our condition. We can be lost, dizzied by our own spiritual vertigo, but God is present with us, luring us back to Himself. We may turn our backs on god, but God is always facing us.

By Michael Yaconelli



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